The Curry Design Studio


The Curry Design Studio was set up in 2014, with a view to create high quality, cost effective creative design for businesses, delivered with positivity, creativity, and gusto!

About The Curry Design Studio

We love working with aspirational businesses who operate and deliver with imagination and innovation – a value at the heart of everything we do.

What you need most from us is passion, honesty, and a determination to make a positive difference for your company. Being just as enthusiastic and knowledgable about your business as our own, means we can create characterful brands that truly engage your audience and put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

We aim to be an invaluable part of your team, to guide and inspire you as your business grows with an exciting, aspirational brand you can feel proud of.

The Curry Design Studio, founded by Kate Curry, is backed up by years of agency experience working with clients from museum trusts to house builders, devoted to helping companies to realise their vision and growth through creative branding that everyone can believe in.

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